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The medical industry has long known about the benefits of CBD oil and related products for a variety of conditions ranging from cancer to autism. The skincare and beauty industry is just beginning to research and understand the benefits of CBD and how it can help users get glowing, beautiful and restored skin. A cellulose tencel face mask infused with CBD is the latest innovation designed to bring the restorative and protective qualities to savvy beauty buffs.

CBD products are becoming increasingly popular in the beauty and skincare industry; products like the CBD infused face mask are at the forefront of the industry. Packed with beneficial CBD and hemp oil, but with no THC, this rejuvenating hemp cellulose face mask is accessible and easy to use at home. Consumers have already embraced the face mask trend; incorporating CBD takes this popular approach to skincare in a fresh new direction.


The CBD mask itself is made of natural, sustainable tencel; this fabric features a heightened ability to absorb product so more of the beneficial ingredients remain on the skin. Tencel is made from a natural fiber, cellulose, that is gentle enough for even sensitive skin.

The mask itself features shaping to make it easy to mold to the skin and face and deliver the potent ingredients right where you need them most. These features make it easy for the mask to stay in place and ensures you get the full benefit of the CBD oil in contains.


CBD is just one of many cannabinoids that come from the hemp plant. CBD does not contain THC, the chemical compound that causes the “high” associated with cannabis or marijuana use. CBD retains the powerful antioxidants and is legal to buy anywhere in the US.

Long known for its pain relieving and soothing, calming properties, CBD oil also reduces inflammation and can ease the discomfort of some skin conditions. According to the Natural Institutes of Health, CBD offers more protection than Vitamin E or Vitamin C when it comes to skin care. This effectiveness means that CBD is particularly useful at combating free radicals; the compounds that cause some of the visible signs of aging.

As a skin compound, CBD can soothe redness, dryness and sensitivity and support your skin’s natural healing processes. Both eczema and psoriasis can be soothed by CBD oil as well. These natural properties can be easily accessed by your skin when you use an infused facial mask. Instead of just swiping the product on and allowing it to evaporate, the tencel based mask holds the product right on the skin, allowing you to receive the full benefit of the potent ingredient mix.

Each soothing, luxurious CBD mask is infused with 10 mg of Nano-Emulsified and purified CBD oil to combat the signs of aging and protect your skin from harmful free radicals. Other ingredients, including rosemary extract and black licorice root enhance the effects of the CBD and allow the mask to penetrate the skin. These powerful plant extracts can help undo the damage caused by the sun, pollution and even diet. The tencel based mask prevents evaporation, allowing your skin to get the full benefits of the powerful ingredients. The result is a luxurious and pure plant based mask that leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and restored.


CBD Oil: Potent anti-inflammatory and soothing agent designed to improve the skin’s appearance and combat the signs of aging.
Rosemary (RosmarinusOfficinalis) Extract: Stimulates the renewal of cells and promotes skin healing; improves circulation and protects the skin from damage.
Black Licorice (GlycrrhizaUralensis Root) Extract: Licorice has long been a natural treatment of choice for redness, irritation and itchiness; this soothing ingredient can promote a more even skin tone and reduce the effect of rosacea as well.
AnthemisNobilis Flower Extract: A powerful anti-inflammatory and soothing moisturizer for the skin; antibacterial properties help fight breakouts and promote a clear, fresh appearance for the skin.
While the active ingredients make the CBD mask a wonderfully soothing treatment, the eco-friendly, sustainable materials are ideal for those living a vegan, cruelty-free lifestyle as well.


A little CBD goes a long way and you’ll see and feel the benefits of this soothing mask the very first time you use it. For best results, start by using a CBD mask several nights in a row, then maintain by using once or twice a week.

This CBD infused face mask is suitable for sensitive and dry skin, normal, combination and even oily skin. To use, clean your face, then open the mask pack. Carefully unfold the mask and apply to the skin. The contoured shape makes it easy to apply the mask and ensure all areas of your skin are covered and receive the benefits of the CBD and other powerful ingredients.

Leave the mask in place for 20 to 30 minutes. Remove the mask and gently rub any left over solution into your skin. Pat dry and enjoy a fresh, vibrant new look.

Loaded with CBD oil and packed with natural ingredients to nurture your skin, this potent mask should be used one to two times per week for best results. While the product contains beneficial CBD oils, it should only be used externally, do not consume the contents or essence.


It’s never been easier to protect your skin from the signs of fatigue and aging we all experience from time to time. Simply apply and relax – enjoy the soothing sensation and delicate scent. You’ll love taking some time for self care and the lush, smooth, soft skin you get as a result. Click here to start experiencing the benefits that CBD oil can bring to your skin.

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